[ASMR] French Kisses and Heartbeats to calm you ~ - Video

hi hi sweet buns ~ ♡

i hope you've been having a wonderful weekend so far! in this video there'll be lots of french kisses, heartbeats an of course my singing bowl! i hope it calms you and.. im sure youtube will smack me for the french kisses....

Beautiful thumbnail art by the talented: https://twitter.com/Dalegamadi/media

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special thanku to my highest patreons who i love so so dearly, i couldnt do this without them (: ~ Animus, Blue Sun, Bunny, Bunzies, Chilly, MTiger156, Church, Toby Toblerone, Nine Midgets, Oshubuds, PEGASE38

This is a TWITCH VOD! Edited by Animus. Hope you enjoy!

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